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MiniMax R-2 NG and R-3 NG are water based, biodegradable composite cleaning agents for use in the (off/onshore) oil & gas industry and specific oil & grease based contamination.

In accordance with the OSPAR regulations on the usage and discharge of chemicals used in the offshore industry in the North-East Atlantic , SODM from the Netherlands and DECC from the UK have appointed Cefas as the certifying body for all chemicals used in the Dutch and English offshore Petroleum Industry. Each product which a company wants to sell to this industry has to be approved and certified by the Cefas, after which Cefas will give this product its own individual product number and place the product and the company on their OCNS list.
Only listed products can be purchased by the operators in this industry.

How did MiniMax International got their Cefas listing for MiniMax R-2 NG and R-3 NG

SODM has approved Imares as their Dutch liaison between Cefas, the independent and Cefas approved international chemical test laboratories and the respective companies with their product(s).
After consulting with SODM we started our cooperation with Imares and agreed that Imares would assist us in producing our HOCNF which we would submit to Cefas.
All our chemical components from MiniMax R-2 NG and R-3 NG were sent to the test laboratories which Imares informed us of.
Tests were done on several marine biology’s for toxicity, bio-accumulation and biodegradability.
All tests for each of our components returned negative, i.c. each tested component proved to have no negative effect on marine life, thus can be discharged in the marine environment without posing any hazard for marine life.
After Imares concluded our HOCNF form with the test results we submitted our HOCNF form to Cefas.
Cefas once more checks all the information and test results and came back to us with our certification and registration number (see Cefas form) after which they placed MiniMax International and MiniMax R-2 NG on the OCNS list under No. 25761 and MiniMax R-3 NG under No. 25730.

With the Cefas certification we also applied for the Danish and Norwegian product registration and submitted the necessary information to each regulatory office.

Cefas: Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (
SODM : Staatstoezicht op de Mijnen (State Supervision of Mines)
DECC : Department of Energy and Climate Change (UK)
HOCNF : Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format
OSPAR : Oslo-Paris Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic (
KLIF : Norwegian Climate & Pollution Agency (
Arbejdstilsynet: Danish Working Environment Authority (
OCNS : Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme
Imares : Institute for Marine Resources & Ecosystem Studies (
EPA : Environmental Protection Authority New Zealand (

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