Minimax R-2

Minimax R-2

Minimax R-2 NGMiniMax R-2 NG is a special agent for separating oil from water. The agent has been developed for the cleaning of equipment in the on- and offshore of the oil- and gas industry. The environmentally friendly concentrate should be diluted at least 1:5, whereby this cleaning agent can be used cost-saving in this industries. Further, the detergent is biodegradable, non-flammable and is approved by HOCNF.

Use of R-2 Minimax

MiniMax R-2 is specially composed to separate oil from water, clean up, dispose of oil and for easy removal. Before use of the agent MiniMax R-2 we recommend to dilute the product with fresh water or seawater, with a dosage of 1:5. Spray the diluted MiniMax R-2 liquid with low pressure to the desired surfaces and leave for 0.5 to 3 minutes. Next you rinse the detergent with a high pressure washer. . During the development of these industrial detergents, a careful selection of components that are not harmful for the environment is made, making the agent biodegradable.

MiniMax Content R-2

This detergent is available in 1000, 200, 60 and 25 liters.